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8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

Even in a world characterized by ideal conditions, very minimal bow hunting scenarios come off as perfect. Nevertheless, even in such conditions ranger finders come in handy. Nonetheless, even with it, bow hunting also depends on the fitness of the hunter. Most bow hunters would concur that fitness for hunting is vital and is characterized by a host of upsides.

Fitness not only guarantees an enjoyable time in a hunting spree, but most vitally also ensures that you remain vigorous enough to carry on the hunting for years. Nonetheless, fitness mandates for dedication and time. If you want your body to show-up’ during your expedition, ample preparation is required especially for a sport that will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Below is a compilation of 8 best exercises for a bow hunter who wants pumped up mountain muscles. Crafting a body which can withstand all hunting rigors is the main objective of these 8 exercises, together with a backpack that is both heavy and synched to the hunter’s body. Training has a soothing effect to the body, mind and soul.

It rids the doubt every bow hunter has prior to and in their spree, adds confidence and gives direction. Before beginning these 8 exercises, it is advisable to consult with your doctor if you are not accustomed to exercises but if you are good to go, perform these exercises properly and your bow hunting expedition will never be the same again.

8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

Perform as many steps as you can under duration of 20 minutes.

Requirements: A box with a comfortable height. Start: This movement is intended for use by both your legs and torso. This exercise will require you to have your backpack loaded with considerable amount of weight such as 40 pounds and a simple big box that can sustain your weight.

Move: Begin by using your lead leg to step up on the box; ensure you lessen push off with your back foot and ensure you closely maintain proper posture when stepping up and down. On each step ensure you alternate our legs and keep tabs with your subsequent reps.


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

Perform as many front rack step-ups as you can within a period of 5 minutes. Nonetheless, ensure you are paying attention to maintaining a perfect posture and ensuring that with every step, your knees do not buckle to the middle line.

Start: Place the bar in a manner where it is resting on top of your chest, clavicle and chest.

Movement: Ensure you use your fingertips to hold the bar for wrist mobility since it will allow you to drive your elbows in a high manner corresponding to the ground. As you take every step beginning with your lead leg and alternating it per step, ensure you alternate our legs and keep tabs with your subsequent reps. Moreover; ensure you maintain proper posture when stepping up and down.


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

Perform the repetitions periodically starting with a handful then progressively adding more.

This exercise can only be performed with mobile knees and ankles and as such prior warm-up is mandatory.

Requirements: A box height that suits your present physical condition

This exercise mandates for explosive legs and a nervous system firing on all cylinders.

Start: Begin with the burpee exercise by dropping to the deck, chest trouncing on the floor. Follow this with getting back to your feet and jumping on the box.

Movement: Ensure your jumping is simultaneous with all feet and that your landing is soft and on the top of the box. You are free to choose from stepping down or jumping down. Moreover, ensure your posture is perfectly maintained and your knees are far from one another particularly on your landing position.


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

This exercise happens to one of the best movement exercises known particularly since it engages coordination, strength, power and stamina. This exercise is guaranteed to suck your oxygen levels fastest in comparison to all others stated.

You can attempt doing as many thrusts as possible in a span of one minute or you can divide it into a three or four set each rep with a minimum time frame of one minute and include a 30 seconds rest between each set.

Requirements: Dumbbells or a manageable weight load.

Start: Begin with a rack position where your elbows are under the dumbbells then pull down to a position of deep squat.

Movement: On hitting the bottom power out of your squat explosively and complete with dumbbells overhead, then advance to pulling yourself back to ground. The effectiveness of this exercise is centered on the speed it is performed at and thus you should ensure that very little time is spent on the bottom during the squat and your weight is maintained on your heels during the entire exercise.


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

You can perform these lunges in a walking manner with a 10 steps per leg cluster for maximum body burn.

Requirements: A standard barbell (guarantees shoulder mobility and core balance and strength).

Start: Begin with a proper lunge posture where knees are always behind the front legs toe followed by strides that are wide enough to an extent where the back knee is able to softly get in contact with the ground.

Movement: Ensure your arms are entirely locked out overhead. The knee that kisses the ground should always be behind the front leg toe which alternates with the legs as per the movement. Moreover, always ensure your shoulders are vertically shrugged through the exercise movement.


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

Perform 10 reps for each leg for 3-4 sets on each leg.

Requirements: A box

Start: Begin with standing approximately 2 feet in front of the box with your lead front on the box and your front leg is in a position where your balance is maintained.

Movement: Ensure your head is facing up and you maintain a perfect and strong posture. Lower your leg to the point where your thigh stands slightly below parallel to ground. By now, your toe and knee should be even and your chest should be directly above your thigh’s middle part. Elevate your leg to the initial start position by leaning with hips and chest and contracting the quadriceps.


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

Perform several sets and ensure you pay close attention to perfect and strong posture.

Requirements: A box or bench

Start: With a bench or box behind your body, kneel on the floor.

Movements: Position your hands in a slightly wider position than the width of the shoulder on the floor. Follow this by placing your feet on the box and raising your body with arms extended, to a firm plank position. With your body in a straight posture, lower your upper body to the floor through bending the arms. Slightly pull your head back without arching back to allow a complete descent. Push your body up to the point where the arms are extended.

The main goal of these push-ups is the range of motions and as such ensure your grip is not too wide.


8 Best Exercises For The Hardcore Bow Hunter

Perform low reps and sets such as 3 sets of between 5-7 reps since this exercise meant to be heavy


Deadlifts are designed to be heavy so keep your sets and reps low. Also, be sure that technique is dialed before moving large loads.

Start: Start in a vertical shins position, where your shins are in contact with the bar so that your shin and the ground are perpendicular. Ensure your lumber spine forms a natural “S” curve and the shoulders are slightly over the weight bar.

Movement: Pull up the bar along your shins in a single movement crossing your knees and tightly hugging to the thighs as you rise up. Make sure that in your end position you are in an upright position with the legs locked out and the shoulders positioned behind the bar. Ensure the same motion is reversed on your way back down.

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