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7 Uncommon Sports That Keep You In Incredible Shape!

There are several main ways that people stay in shape – running, weightlifting, hiking. And then, there are a set of uncommon activities, that are no less effective and every bit as good.

7 Uncommon Sports That Keep You In Incredible Shape!

So if you’re looking to spice up your fitness life, where should your attention lie? Good question. Read on to find out!

1. Curling

Curling is rather unusual to watch, but it’s really fun to play. A team of players must slide a stone across a field of ice, and try to get it to land on a target. The closer to the middle of the target, the more points are scored!

This one will strengthen those arms, as players can use a broom to slow down the speed of the stone. It’s also good for practicing household cleaning!

2. Martial arts

The martial arts, in particular, jiu jitsu, are a great way to practice self-defense as well as losing weight. Younger competitors can gain more confidence and belief, and older competitors can stay agile and supple.

The martial arts are about control and patience, not wildly lashing out at others. So if you have an aggressive state of mind, stay clear!

3. Fencing

Fencing is a high-intensity, mentally stimulating sport. In it, two opponents must compete, with swords, to try and land blows on each other’s body.

Of course, sufficient padding is involved, but that’ll be the least of your worries. It takes a lot of balance, agility and flexibility to dodge blows and give them, so don’t take this one lightly.

4. Trampolining

I’m sure a lot of you have a trampoline in your garden, but the health benefits are more than you realize.

A ten minute bounce is equivalent to a half hour run, so bear that in mind. Instead of toiling away on that treadmill, perhaps a quick trip to the back yard would suffice? Trampolining also strengthens your body’s stabilizing muscles to boot.

5. Football/soccer tennis

Football tennis originated in Czechoslovakia in 1920, and it’s endured ever since. As the name implies, the game takes the net from tennis and adds the ball from football.

Players must kick the ball over the net and try and hit it past their opponent to score. This one is very demanding, as you’ll constantly have to be running until the rally ends. Strictly no hands allowed!

6. Muggle Quidditch

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Harry Potter, but for those that aren’t, Quidditch is simple.

Players on brooms try to throw a ball through hoops to score points! Circulating the pitch is another ball (the Snitch) which, if caught, instantly wins the game for that team.

Only the Seeker on each team is able to catch the Snitch, though. Muggle Quidditch is played by real humans, not wizards, and participants have to bring their own makeshift broom. No flying allowed.

7. Chessboxing

Chessboxing is an unusual activity that combines chess, with boxing. The focus here is on high-speed rounds; one round of chess, one round of boxing.

The combination of the physical and mental challenge is enough to make even the fittest players sweat. Why not exercise your physical muscles and your mental muscles simultaneously?

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