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6 Important Tips To Observe During Your Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

6 Important Tips To Observe During Your Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

Recumbent exercise bikes offer you the opportunity to pedal your way to fitness. Being a stationary bike and whose back comes a little inclined, all that users have to do is sit and comfortably pedal the bike to stay in shape and burn calories.

This is probably one of the reasons recumbent bikes are rapidly becoming the go-to workout equipment for those interested in seeing quick results.

But as with any other exercise equipment, these results can only be achieved when the bike is used efficiently and in a manner that allows you to max out your workouts. Here are a few tips to observe while using the bike to realize all the recumbent bike benefits:

1. Remember To Adjust Your Seat

This piece of advice appears so banal, but very serious as a sizeable chunk of those who use recumbent bikes fail to adjust their machines seat, when it literally takes a few seconds to do so.

Besides making things comfortable for you, adjusting your seat goes along way into making your workouts more effective.

All you have to do is move the seat back and forward until there’s a slight bend on the extended leg going through the far-off pedaling cycle.

2. Warm Up

Don’t just hop into the machine. After stretching out, you need an additional 5 minutes of light pedaling to get your muscles ready for the task ahead.

It’s recommended that you start at a slow but steady pace. This should go on for about five minutes, after which you can stand up stretch a bit before going back to the seat for the actual workout.

Warming up is an important process of the workout as it helps to loosen up your muscles. It also increases your core body temperature, thus making the overall workout even more comfortable and effective.

3. Stretch Out

Prior to riding your recumbent bike, take at least five minutes to stretch out. Besides warming you up, this should also help improve your dynamic range of motion.

You can perform stretches such as toe touches, lunges, trunk rotations and leg swings and only hop to your machine after you’re certain your body is fully stretched out.

4. Stay In Form

How you sit on your recumbent bike while riding it determines the outcome you’re likely to get. In addition to helping you prevent injuries, staying in form also helps you burn more calories.

So how do you stay in form while riding? Simple: Avoid leaning forward like most people do. It’s also important that you keep your back aligned, and tightly pressed against the seat’s back. Meanwhile, you can hold the handles by the sides during intense cycling periods to maintain balance.

5. Select The Right Resistance

This is a common problem among beginners, who most of the time have no idea on what exactly constitutes the right resistance.

To wit: the right resistance doesn’t in any way imply setting your resistance too high. If anything, riding a recumbent bike is more like doing any other form of exercise. You have to start small then gradually progress to more intense workouts.

If you’re just starting out, select a resistance you’re more comfortable with. Or one you can ride for an hour or so without feeling like quitting the tenth minute.

The higher the resistant the harder it is for you to pedal. Which also translates to a better strength training workout for your leg muscles. But then again, you have to make sure you’re pedaling fast enough to ramp up metabolism by getting your heart rate up, as well.

It’s recommended that you keep adjusting, alternating between high and low resistance during your workout. That is, setting it at high resistance for a given time stretch then switching to low for a given duration and thereafter back to high and so forth until you get the best out of your workout.

6. Find Something To Entertain Yourself With While Riding

6 Important Tips To Observe During Your Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

Riding a recumbent bike doesn’t have to be boring. Not when there a lot of ways to entertain yourself while at it.

For instance, you could read a magazine or peruse through some of the fun features on your phone. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as they’re not getting you out of form.

With some recumbent bikes, it’s even possible to browse the internet on your computer or watch a movie while cycling.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t let the ennui of riding without something to entertain yourself with be the cause of you throwing in a wet towel before your workout time is due.

The Wrap Up

The above tips should help you get the most out of your recumbent workout. If you’ve been riding a recumbent for some time now and you feel like there’s something we’re missing out, feel free to chime in with a comment. But even with all these, choosing the best recumbent bike for your workouts remains key to reaping the maximum benefits out of your exercise bike.

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