5 Ways To Stick With Your Bodybuilding Resolution This New Year

5 Ways To Stick With Your Bodybuilding Resolution This New Year

Nothing in life worth having comes easy; the quote perfectly fits when it comes to fitness or bodybuilding. Just like you, every man has a dream in common and that is to have good looking and attractive physique.

Everyone wants to have broad shoulders, well built chest, biceps and triceps, strong lower body and of course, the six pack abs. Just like you, most of the men have opted for gym membership right from the beginning of 2017, but the question here is, how you will achieve those resolutions? How will you motivate yourself to go to the gym six-days-a-week? Or how will you stick to the routine you are planning? Reading this piece of article, you will be able to convert How into Wow. Here are some ways you need to motivate yourself and get in shape you desire:

1. Get out of your comfort zone because the best project you will ever work on is “you”:

This is the very first and most important thing you need to prepare yourself for. Leaving the bed early morning is difficult for everyone, but those who do are the ones who achieve. Do you need inspiration to leave the bed? So, take a look at people jogging and running in the parks, people attacking the weights early morning in the gym, and now ask yourself, if they can, then why can’t you? I am sure you will come to a conclusion that you can too. Moreover, you can consult people who are involved in some kind of exercise daily and ask them how they feel all day after giving an hour to fitness; the result is surely nothing other than positive.

Imaging you are standing in front of the mirror with a well built physique. How does it feel? Isn’t it an amazing feeling? That’s what your project you have to work on is. Exercising an hour-a-day gives you all the energy you need to perform your daily activities, it keeps your mind refreshed and you know all the benefits associated with it. Remember the fact that, if you are heading to the gym regularly and doing what you are supposed to do in the gym, you are working on the best project.

2. Stop excuses and push yourself:

This is, without a shadow of doubt, the biggest barrier you need to overcome. You may have endless reasons for not going to the gym on any given day, you got out of bed late, you have some urgent work, you are feeling unwell (just because you don’t want to put that extra effort) and the list of excuses goes on and on. The best excuse to not to go to the gym is, you just got back.

Here pushing yourself is not only about getting yourself out of the bed. PUSH says, “Persist until Something Happens”. You may face some days where you will not notice the results; you will not see something happening to your physique. That’s where you need to stay patience and have faith. Consult the fitness experts; try some exercise and diet changes as efforts in the right direction always lead to results.

3. Work smart and try motivational tricks:

Here, being smart doesn’t mean how you can cheat or how you can take shortcuts. It’s a strategy that says Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Realistic goals that you can achieve Timely. Be specific, don’t try many things at a time and work on your goals with one step at a time. Also, measure your fitness on regular intervals and don’t forget to reward yourself on even the smallest achievement, it works well as an inspiration. Moreover, set goals that are achievable and realistic that you can achieve in specific timeframe. Don’t try pushing yourself too hard as it can lead to injuries. Just work on the basics and better follow the instructions of fitness experts as they know the bodybuilding and fitness better.

Titivate your room walls with posters of your favourite bodybuilder, wrestler or any superstar of your choice. So, whenever you will wake up and those posters are the very first thing you will see, it pushes you to achieve your fitness goals. Watching bodybuilding videos and reading some similar kind of stuff can also be a good trick to keep you motivated.

4. Identify your weaknesses and strengths because it is possible:

It’s impossible only if you don’t do it. You can lift heavy dumbbells, but find it hard to lift weight on bench-press. You can do number of push-ups, but you can’t lift your own weight when it comes to chin-ups. There are the very basic strength and weakness analyzing techniques you need to keep your eyes on. It will help you work on your weaknesses while making the most out of your strengths.

Even your interest of reading this article is a proof that you have interest in achieving your fitness goals. So, never think that it’s not possible. Every single day you go to the gym, every single set you perform and every single rep you do brings you one step closer to your goals. Talk to yourself as and when needed, understand your limits and remember that, you are not what you were yesterday.

5. Make your mind and don’t give up:

Of course, it takes time to build muscles and get in shape. Also, making exercise a part of your daily routine is never easy. But, the results are worth the effort and you will surely get the results if you are working in the right direction. So, don’t give up and stop chasing your dream.

You will be delighted once you will see yourself in amazing shape and this is the reason why you need to keep going. You can find exercise partner to help you out and keep you motivated. The secret here is to make your mind work for you, not against you.

Once you are able to gain the desired control and consistency, you will get the completeness. So, start working for your own betterment from now.

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