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5 Bodybuilding Myths You Need To Know About

5 Bodybuilding Myths You Need To Know About

A lot of people know Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson, and Batista. What a lot of individuals will notice is how big these guys are in the movies and real life as well. A lot of men, in particular, would kill to have a body like those celebrities.

Sad to say, these stars offer unrealistic impressions for a lot of people. Those who want steroid-like bodies without using steroids just isn’t possible. It’s simply impossible for someone the size of DJ Qualls to turn into Dwayne Johnson in just three months.

Due to people wanting a lot of clean results, a lot of wrong information gets spread around. With these wrongful data readily available, facts like these easily get approval and become mainstream truth. Here are examples of those myths and the truth about them.

No Pain, No Gain

5 Bodybuilding Myths You Need To Know About

Everyone’s heard the expression: “No Pain, No Gain.” The truth is, a lot of bodybuilders will say that this is the biggest mistake they have done in building up their body. Overtraining your muscles to the point of injury is a dumb move. Always allow your body to rest to enable its ability to regenerate and heal itself.

When the body doesn’t get enough rest, muscles begin to grow smaller. This condition is called Muscle Atrophy. Instead of increasing in size, certain tissues start to shrink. Muscles also lose strength when they begin to waste.

Sleep is where bodybuilders initiate the process of increasing their mass. Sleep is a way for the body to rebuild and restore damages done during exercise. The expression of “No Pain, No Gain” isn’t about being lazy but it’s about having the motivation to do something difficult to achieve something you want.

Cutting Back on Carbs

5 Bodybuilding Myths You Need To Know About

A lot of people often find themselves feeling good when denying themselves a piece of white bread or some pasta. The truth is, carbs aren’t evil enough so that people should avoid them. People often mistake that carbs are the sole reason why a lot of individuals look unhealthy.

In reality, the only way to create a lean, healthy, and muscular body is by doing the three fundamentals: Diet, weights, and cardio. A diet doesn’t have to be void of carbs to be healthy.

Paleo is the Way to Go

Not! Paleo diet means that a person should consume meat like the early man: Raw. First off, this diet is just a fad, and a lot of people follow them because famous celebrities do them too. Secondly, paleo diets are dangerous. A new paleo recipe involves consuming raw chicken. Yes, raw chicken. Yuck.

The belief here is that food, especially proteins are best digested by the body when consumed raw. The truth is, consuming raw meat such as chicken is an invitation for E. Coli and other bacteria to enter your gut and cause more problems. Instead of building up muscle, the only thing you’ll build up is a hospital bill.

Big Means Strong

5 Bodybuilding Myths You Need To Know About

The size of the person and the muscles have no correlation with their strength. In fact, individuals who have equal muscle mass have varied strengths. Strength has a lot of factors that affect it such as limb length, nerve pathways, muscle memory, etc.

Another good example of this is powerlifters. Some of them may look small, bulky, and unhealthy but make no mistake: behind those fat lies powerful muscles adept at lifting ridiculous amounts of weight.

Protein is Not Good for the Kidneys

5 Bodybuilding Myths You Need To Know About

Although there is some truth to this, a person without a pre-existing illness in the renal system is perfectly fine in consuming protein as long as they drink a lot of water. Protein is a substance that’s hard to process in the kidneys. Water helps the kidney in washing out waste products from the protein. This fact is the reason why a lot of water is a good choice to accompany meals which have high protein content.


There will always be people who look up to hulking celebrities such as The Rock and Batista. Although most of their body comes from the hard work they put in, it’s just impossible for some people to achieve those types of bodies.

Due to a lot of people wanting to get bodies like the ones mentioned above, a lot of myths and other potentially dangerous facts become mainstream. Luckily, a lot of sources provide a clear explanation on some of these myths which are certainly absurd and hazardous such as the “Paleo Diet” which involves consuming a raw piece of chicken.

The perfect body needs a lot of hard work and dedication. Steroids are a big no and can be more harmful when taken to increase muscle mass. Just keeping up the good job and motivation is enough to slowly inch your way to that body you’re aiming to get.

Leslie Wyman

Author Bio:

Leslie Wyman is a writer and a blogger who loves writing about sleep and lifestyle. She gets her sources from credible sites such as Beds Online. Although an interior designer by profession, she loves going to the gym and writing about tips to give to her fellow gym rats. When not writing, Leslie enjoys cooking healthy meals for her family.

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