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5 Benefits Of Outdoor Boot Camps

5 Benefits Of Outdoor Boot Camps

If your various attempts to get fitter just don’t seem to be going anywhere, then joining an outdoor boot camp could be the solution. Here are five good reasons why…

You can get a highly varied workout

To continue making gains in your workouts, engaging in the same kinds of exercises over and over again isn’t really enough. That’s because your body can speedily recognise and adapt to such a repetitive regime, and so the law of diminishing returns will soon kick in. Therefore, you should try many different types of exercises in order to keep your body guessing – and guidance and facilities available at a boot camp can help you to do that.

A natural environment can make you feel better

If you often notice yourself quickly feeling happier whenever you step outside, there could be a good scientific rationale behind that. David Stalker, CEO of ukactive, has pointed out: “Data suggests working out in a natural environment can help you stick with regular physical activity because of the feel-good factor”. He notes that, for example, “the oxygen boost you get from the fresh air gets the serotonin flowing.” An outdoor boot camp can therefore provide a pleasingly organic experience.

You can choose a setting you especially love

If, right now, most of your exercise pursuits take place in your home or the same local gym, then you are likely to appreciate the greater range of scenery you can enjoy when you more frequently take your regime outside. Plus, an outdoor boot camp could take you to an amazing place that you wouldn’t otherwise get round to visiting.

Just consider the various beautiful settings in which outdoor boot camps provided by the UK-based Prestige Boot Camp take place. These settings include wonderfully green areas of the UK and more tropical areas in Spain and Portugal.

5 Benefits Of Outdoor Boot Camps

The social aspect can keep you going

One big problem you can often encounter when exercising by yourself is a lack of motivation. That’s because there is no-one keeping an eye on you to ensure that you are putting in the hours of exercise that you should be. However, when on a boot camp, you will regularly be surrounded by others who can keep that eye on you. You could also feel a sense of competition with these people – and that could ultimately lead you to make much more progress at the boot camp than you had originally anticipated.

There’s the possibility of making new friends for life

Remember that feeling you had at the end of your time at school or university – the feeling that you had met people who you would stay in touch with for years to come? You can get that feeling again upon completing an outdoor boot camp. And that’s a good reason why your new-found healthier lifestyle could continue long after leaving the boot camp – these new friends will be able to urge you to keep it up, just like they did during your many happy times with them at the camp.

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