3 Quick Ways To Pack On Muscle For The Summer Season

Gaining muscle isn’t a quick, easy process. Ask just about anybody at your local gym and they’ll tell you it’s an arduous, years-long process. Whether you’re cutting down or bulking up, the time spent is the same, and you can sink many hours into it with less than optimal results.

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to fix that. It’s the season of beach bods, sunbathing and showing off your athletic prowess for the world to see. There’s no use cutting your body fat if you’ve no muscle to show underneath. So, follow these three areas to put on a bit of mass before the sunshine hits.

Dieting and food

3 Quick Ways To Pack On Muscle For The Summer Season


If you were looking to cut body fat percentage, then a high protein, low fat diet is what you seek. You can afford to take a calorie hit, since you’re not after that overall mass.

However, those looking to build muscle need to utilise the opposite. It can be quite tough for skinnier dudes to build those guns, and it mostly comes down to eating. They’ll spend too long working out the perfect healthy diet, when in reality, all they need to do is eat. A lot.

Your diet may not be the cleanest, but if you’re bulking, it doesn’t matter. Add some honey to your porridge, or some peanut butter to your protein shake.

Sure, you may bump that body fat percentage up a little bit, but wouldn’t you rather look huge on that beach?


3 Quick Ways To Pack On Muscle For The Summer Season


Sometimes, you just need a helping hand. Your diet can be perfect, with just the right amount of proteins and fats. Your workout routine could be killer, hitting all seven major muscle groups equally as hard. But if you aren’t seeing the results you seek, there are some safe things you can try to help you out.

Perhaps the most basic and common of these is the protein powder. Most guys will opt for the Optimum Nutrition brand, and with good reason. It’s the bestseller, and produces great results. However, it’s not great for packing on mass.

A better option would be a high-calorie count powder, also known as a bulking powder. These powders are loaded with carbs and calories, giving you that energy fix after a workout.

If you’re after a lasting effect, then there are various testosterone mixtures that can help. Sustanon 250 is one of these, and is known for its muscle-enhancing and strengthening capabilities. Elsewhere, micronised creatine is a good bet. It helps the muscles look fuller and more pumped, by getting that water to them. Used in small doses over a couple of months, your body can end up looking huge, so use carefully.

It’s important to note that no supplement can replace a healthy, balanced diet. There’s a reason they’re called supplements, after all. They’re there to supplement your food intake.

Muscle building exercises

3 Quick Ways To Pack On Muscle For The Summer Season


Of course, the foundation of any good physique is built in the gym, and that’s true for bulking or cutting. However, the exercises you should be doing vary for each process, so mind that routine.

If you’re cutting, focus on those isolation movements to fine-tune each individual muscle. You’ll want to pack in those bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and lateral raises to hit every area. If you’re bulking, the story is quite different.

You want to be focusing on your compound movements, and lots of them. Start with a 5×5 routine of the biggest strength exercises out there. Bench press, military press, squats and deadlifts should be your main priorities. Compound movements allow your gains to flourish quicker by working more muscles and burning fewer calories.

It can actually speed up results, and help you hit that summer goal in no time. Working each individual muscle if fine, but don’t expect to put on a huge amount of size. You should leave this for your cutting phase, and focus on size gains for summer.

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