2017 Fitness Trends To Explore

2017 Fitness Trends To Explore

What the year 2017 has brought is a more eclectic approach to working out, combining a variety of different exercises and techniques, from high-powered trainings to more mindful practices that will establish a connection between your body and mind. Get out of the rut of just lifting weights, and explore all the possibilities that will get your body in shape.

Wearable workout tech

Over the past few years, smart watches and fitness trackers have become a huge hit, and it seems that they’re here to stay. Not only will fitness technology continue to enjoy its popularity in 2017, it’ll also become new and improved, bringing a variety of updates. Fitness wearables are becoming more and more accurate, helping athletes to keep track of their progress. Get ready for state-of-the-art distance trackers, move reminders, GPS route trackers and swimming lap counters that will help you bring your A game to your training, every single time.

High-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of workout that combines high-intensity exercises with a short rest time between. This way, you will burn your calories and fire up your metabolism while increasing your muscle strength. HIIT entails performing a short set of an intensive exercise, and then taking a short break, followed by another set of a different exercise.

For example, you do a set of burpees for 45 seconds, take a break for 15 seconds, and then do a set of squats for another 45 seconds. Although such an intensive workout will be challenging, it will completely up your game.

Group personal training

Another fitness trend that is here to stay is personal group training that reaps the benefits of both one-on-one workouts and group classes. Without having to spend a fortune on a personal trainer, you’ll be able to have individualised attention while still working out in a group-motivated environment. Groups can consist of two to four members, all with an opportunity to have professional guidance on a deeper level.

Mindful exercises

The year 2017 emphasises the importance of establishing a connection between the mind and the body, helping you to achieve the perfect harmony between the two. And what’s a better way to engage both the physical and the mental than by practising yoga. There’s a variety of reasons why bodybuilders should practice yoga – it seems that it can be more powerful than working out in a gym. Not only does it require extraordinary discipline, yoga engages your muscles, leading to better muscle tone and increased strength. When practicing yoga, you need to control your breathing and harmonise it with your movements – something that is far more difficult that it sounds. In addition, you definitely won’t be bored by the same workout over and over again, because yoga offers a wide range of different poses each one more difficult than the other.

However, the importance of the mind isn’t stressed only in yoga, but also in other types of workouts that might surprise you. Namely, HIIT combines high-intensity workouts with focusing exercises typical for meditation. This way, you can reap the benefits of both exercises and enjoy the final results.

The forgotten art of skateboarding

This year is welcoming skateboarding back, a sport that has once enjoyed great popularity and now seems to have sparked interest among newcomers to the discipline. Although you might think it has no place in the fitness world, skateboarding can actually help you burn calories and get in shape. It increases your physical endurance, precision and flexibility, improves your overall fitness, increases your pain tolerance and helps you relieve stress. With new and improved cruiser skateboards, this sport has never been more fun, challenging and motivating. It will help you acquire new skills, get out of your comfort zone and get your body in shape.

Don’t try to achieve your fitness goals solely by relying on weight lifting and the same exercises you’ve been doing for ages. Embrace some of the trends that 2017 has brought and up your game.

Author: Norah Martin

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