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10 Ways To Start Exercising And Stick To It In 2017

10 Ways To Start Exercising And Stick To It In 2017

At the start of every year, each of us has a set of resolutions in mind, whether we choose to talk openly about them or not. And many times, these resolutions are linked to staying healthy and exercising. Nonetheless, the sad part about resolutions is that they often go overlooked, and we forget about them as life takes its course.

So, do you choose to give up exercising before even starting it or would you rather stick to the plan and work to attain the results you want?

Not only is exercising crucial for maintaining a healthy body weight, but it also contributes to our overall wellbeing and health condition. This is why it makes sense to take this matter seriously.

1. Make Exercising a Habit

According to experts, forming a habit takes about 21 days. That is because if you stick to a routine for three weeks straight, a goal seems more approachable. Nonetheless, this isn’t genuinely accurate, as others indicate that it takes 66 days for an action to become habit.

Even though thinking about numbers might get you confused and discouraged, we believe that you should commence with integrating some sort of movement in your everyday routine. Perhaps you don’t feel that heading to the gym on a daily basis seems right at the time; it’s ok.

You might consider having a treadmill in home instead of taking long walks around the neighborhood. In time, you’ll upgrade your routine and proceed to the next level, but at this early phase, your purpose is to initiate consistency in your routine and avoid coming up with excuses not to do so.

2. Make a Schedule

Has it ever happened to you to show up at an important meeting by chance? No, probably never! That is because important meetings are always scheduled. So, if you assume that you don’t have the time to exercise, think again and convey it as a commitment to yourself and your health.

3. Take It Easy

The time of the day when you choose to workout has an impact on your mood. Also, some people seem to be more productive if they work out in the morning, while for others, it’s better to exercise in the evening. On that note, if you’re definitely not a morning person, you should acknowledge that and choose a time that works for you.

4. Establish Goals, Instead of Resolutions

Setting resolutions is not wrong per se; however, it is much better to establish actual, practical goals that apply to your everyday life. For instance, try to set specific objectives such as working out four times a week, as opposed to promising that you’ll hit the gym on a daily basis, and end up being disappointed that you didn’t manage to do so.

5. Keep a Food Diary

Although obsessing over your calorie intake is far from being the best approach for a healthy lifestyle, sometimes it is necessary to get to realize how much you should eat. This is recommended particularly in this early phase so that you pinpoint where excess calories come from.

Knowing that chocolate presents the same calorie intake as a healthy big lunch may aid you to make better choices. At the end of the day, knowing your eating habits is the first step to change.

6. Mix It Up

There are times when exercising can get a tad annoying, and that may make you want to give up. Nonetheless, to keep things differently, make sure that you combine various types of exercises. Apart from that, this is beneficial since you target distinct group muscles.

7. Don’t Place Pressure on Yourself

Half of the people who embark on an exercising routine ditch it within the first couple of weeks. This often happens because they cannot keep up with the high standards they’ve imposed on themselves. On that note, we would have to say that it’s highly recommended to work within your limits and aim at growing stronger with time.

8. Make It Social

Another way in which you can make exercising more fun is by transforming it into a social activity. This is a great way in which you can boost your motivation, especially if you enjoy company.

9. Join a Community

Having the same objective as others might keep you motivated and trigger you to work hard for your goals. Fortunately, you may consider joining an online fitness community for this purpose. Whenever you feel like giving up on you, you might be inspired by others who are working just as hard as you are.

10. Choose to Be Inspired

Getting inspired can also be the recipe for success. Following people whose priority is staying healthy and fit, or reading fitness magazines can be helpful habits that may motivate you to keep on exercising.

Making your goals happen is possible. Still, it definitely doesn’t come easy, considering that we all have busy lifestyles. By being determined and acknowledging the importance of staying healthy you can succeed. Our enumerated tips will guide you in that direction as well!

Author: Cathy Scarlett

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