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10 Minute Daily Full Body Exercises

10 Minute Daily Full Body Exercises

It’s difficult to stay in excellent physical shape with 8+ hours of office time, and daily commutes to and from the workplace. Then there’s the ‘spare’ time for the To Do lists. With your obligations like chores, family time, grocery shopping, house improvement, etc., it leaves you with little or no ‘Me’ time. Stop right there!

The Effects of Aging on Your Body

Studies show that the human body inevitably becomes less flexible and agile over the years: muscle tissue deteriorates, skeletal structures weaken, and stamina takes a gradual but steady drop. Light conditions become chronic and often aggravated, cardiovascular conditions take a turn for the worse, metabolic processes slow down, and the immune system slowly wanes. That’s a rather grim prospect for your future, isn’t it?

Combat the Side Effects of Aging

According to numerous medical research, regular exercise, a balanced diet, and recreational sport activities can help combat the side effects of aging on both the human mind and the body. This is especially true for persons who had a problem with extra weight and waistline inches at some point in their lives, or people with a genetic predisposition toward serious chronic diseases.

Based on clinical studies, workouts and moderate physical activity are the best methods to counter and minimize health problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle in any given age category. There is also the continual lack of time for exercises as you need to get a decent rest to replenish your batteries at the end of the day – so you’re probably thinking that health hazards and shortage of time are pretty much a chronic condition, whichever angle you look at them.

Fret not – there is still a way for you to stay fit and healthy even without lengthy gym sessions. Believe it or not, it takes just ten minutes of calisthenics a day to keep your muscles strong, your health seamless, and your body finely contoured. For an optimal physical shape, combine exercises that activate different muscle groups.

10 Minute Full Body Workouts

1. 30-50 jumping jack series – an excellent exercise for warm-ups and intense workout intervals. Jumping jacks can do magic for your upper and lower body muscles, and improve your cardiovascular condition. You can divide the total number of jumping jack exercises per workout into 5-10 sets.

2. 10-15 body weight squats – covering all muscle groups in your body, body weight squats will help you lose weight, increase muscle, bone strength, and improve your overall physical flexibility.

3. 10-15 push ups – a perfect workout for your upper body muscles and core, push ups and all their variations will help deter a range of conditions linked to a sedentary lifestyle, such as inadequate posture, core weakness, slow metabolism, and loss of muscle mass.

4. 10-20 reverse lunges – targeting the abdominal and lower body, reverse lunges will keep your leg muscles and butt tight and strong. They will also help improve your balance and posture in the long run, if performed correctly and regularly. For best results, do 10-20 reverse lunge repetitions per side (divide the figure in two or more sets if too strenuous).

5. 10-20 triceps dips – if you have a chair, table, bench or just a regular office desk at hand, you can do the triceps dip. An excellent workout for pectorals, deltoids, glutes, and triceps; dips can be done using virtually any elevated support surface.

6. A four-minute Tabata session – a type of high-intensity training, Tabata employs different muscle groups of the body and each of the eight 20-second workout rounds is followed by a 10-second rest time. The usual Tabata training includes push ups, squats, rows, and sit-ups.

7. 10 minute yoga flow workout – yoga has excellent effects on both the mind and the body, and a 10-minute yoga flow session a day will provide you with all the energy, muscle work, and balance you need to stay fit and healthy.

Lack of time can’t be an excuse for neglecting your physical shape and health. Even if you have just a few minutes a day to spare, you’ll have a perfect body in a few months with these 10-minute workouts. Start your fitness regimen ASAP – because you can cram these exercises into your schedule.

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